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Logo design SLO-VAPE

We designed a logo for forum slo-vape.si

Music video Ove godine hits 1.000.000 views on youtube

Manche, Rale and Armani knocked down a new record on the Slovenian music scene with a summer hit Ove godine.  In just three and a half months they reached a staggering 1,000 000 hits on the Youtube channel. No one yet has succeeded this in such a short time. Guys told us that after release
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Manche & Rale – Nijedna kao ti (news)

Music team, which has broken the record on the Slovenian music scene with huge number of hits on the Youtube channel with previous music video Ove godine, has recorded new video for a song Nijedna kao ti. The idea for instrumental is written by renowned Serbian DJ and music producer Djordje KC Blaze Romandić. He
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Challe Salle feat. Zala – Nisi sam (news)

Known rapper Challe Salle has together with Zala Deželak and video production Fame & Flame pictures shooted a music video. That’s not some average video because it has a very good story which reminds you of a movie. The story makes a special impression on many viewers and evokes tears in their eyes. This music
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Logo Design – Manche

We designed a logo for slovenian artist Manche.

Manche & Rale & Armani – Ove godine (news)

A team Fame & Flame Pictures shooted a very summery music video for musicians Manche, Rale and Armani. In this video you can find everything for anyone from naked skin to romantic story. Manche played the main role which is about a boy who was dumped by his girlfriend. To get all over of the
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Logo Design Ludin – Snove satko sam od ulica

We designed a logo for croatian hip hop artist Ludin, for his debut album Snove satko sam od ulice.

Happy New Year 2013

New Year is the time to unfold new horizons & realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength & faith within u, to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up 4 a new challenges. Fame & Flame Pictures wish you Happy New Year 2013!

Logo Design for G-Klass

Logo design for DJ and Producer G-Klass.

Sweet Peak ft. Maja Založnik – Le Croissant (news)

Music Production team Sweet Peak and top of the class blues, soul and jazz singer Maja Založnik, joined forces in producing a new hit single »Le Croissant«. Inspired by romantic vibes of Paris this song finally got a visual that it deserved all along. Main production engine behind the video is a fresh and vibrant,
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Sweet Peak ft. Maja Založnik – Le Croissant (trailer news)

We proudly present  Sweet Peak and  Maja Založnik music video trailer “Le Croissant”. It’s a story of love, France, french croissant and the fact, that life is great! Shot at  Geršak Backery, and other locations, including Celje old town, Velika Planina, Žagarski Mill, Mc Jedro Medvode and Middle Age town Škofja Lok, this video represents a short moment
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Nemir – Boj za obstoj (news)

Damir Tadić, coming from Velenje and better known as Nemir, who recently published his first solo album Boj za Obstoj/Nemir zvani Tadija, has now made a video for the album’s first single. Nemir’s life motto explaines how there are no easy ways of achieving your goals in life, therefore the video itself also symbolizes this
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